Jewelry guide + FAQ's

Metals we use

14kt Gold-Plated Brass
14kt Gold-Plated Brass contains 3 mils of gold plating over brass or sterling silver. All Gold-Plated Brass earrings are nickel and lead free.

14kt Gold Fill
14kt Gold Fill is a thick layer of solid 14kt gold that is heat and pressure bonded to a center core of high quality jeweler’s brass. With proper care, 14kt gold fill will last just as long as solid 14kt gold. Gold-filled pieces can still tarnish, but it takes special circumstances for that to happen. Pure gold doesn’t tarnish, so the thick layer of 14kt gold on gold-filled pieces prevents tarnishing. All 14kt Gold Fill is nickel free and hypoallergenic.

Sterling Silver
Sterling silver is a versatile and sophisticated metal with that classic silver look. It is a durable, lightweight, long lasting alloy that is perfect for everyday wear. We use .925 certified sterling silver. All Sterling Silver is nickel free and hypoallergenic.

Sizing info

Jewelry sizing varies per person

For all questions regarding necklace, bracelet, anklet and ring sizing, see our sizing guide.

Care + storage

Jewelry care varies for each metal

14kt Gold-Plated Brass
To maintain shine, use our white jewelry cloth to wipe away dirt and polish your jewels. Avoid harsh chemicals as they can tarnish the plating.

14kt Gold Fill
Every few wears, rinse your jewels in lukewarm water with mild soap & gently dry with your jewelry cloth.

Sterling Silver
To maintain shine, after each wear gently wipe makeup and skin oils off with your jewelry cloth. Every few wears, rinse the piece in lukewarm water with mild soap & gently dry with your jewelry cloth.

Store your jewelry in an air-tight container when not being worn. Oxygen, moisture and other chemicals are what will tarnish or dull metals. If you’re not going to be wearing a piece for a while, don’t leave it sitting out.

To help prevent tangles, we recommend closing all clasps before storing. 

All additional


Will you restock out-of-stock items?

If an item sells out, it’s likely that the item will return in its original style or in an updated version of a previous style. Many of our popular items have made comebacks, and if you have specific questions or want a restock, please feel free to contact us via our contact link or email:

I didn't receive an order confirmation. What do I do?

If you haven't received an order confirmation email, please check your spam folder. Order and shipping confirmation emails are sent with every order. If you don't see it in your spam folder, please email:

Do you offer permanent jewelry?

Yes we do! Check out our Permanent Jewelry Events page for all the details.

Do you offer a jewelry warranty?

Yes! Our pieces have a 30 day warranty for all chain and clasp defects. Email us right away to coordinate a timely repair. If it’s been more than 30 days, or it’s a different issue, please email us and we’ll work with you towards a solution. 

Do you sell Wholesale?

Yes we do! See our Wholesale page.