What the hype is all about

If you haven’t heard of live-in jewels or permanent jewelry, it's exactly as it sounds—forever—or at least until you want to take it off! There’s no clasp so you don’t have to worry about trying to put it on one-handed. You pick the chain, we custom fit it to your wrist or ankle etc., link it together and you’re good to show off your new shine!

  • Party size

    We ask there be a minimum of 7 people getting Live-in Jewels.

  • Our travel

    We do events & home parties in northern MI to middle WI, but are always open to further travel for large parties!

  • What to expect

    We bring everything needed for the party and never charge to attend.

What’s not to love? 

Wearing them while you shower? Check. Never having to take them off? Check. Never having to put them on? Check. Sparkly wrists, ankles, or necks at all times? Check!

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